Monday, May 9, 2011

Some more tattoos i did

And here are a couple of tattoos that i did. Remember, i work in Bunkertattoo, located in Breda in the netherlands. You can, if you want to, find me there.
Also, i hate updating things that take too much time to update, so dont expect daily updates here. If you want to keep yourself updated, you can find, and follow, me on facebook.

Human Demise

A very nice guy wanted me to update this old piece of crap-blog, so here it is!

Recently I made the artwork for the new cd of Human Demise, a dutch metal(core)-band. The cd will be out this summer, the songs are nice and dirty and pissed off.

Monday, August 16, 2010

it´s been a while... pt.3

And i´ve been putting some drawings on skin.

Like i said a while back, you can see some of my tattoos on the blog of the tattooshop i work in:

Now that i put this up here, i can safely retreat back into my tomb. I´ll post some more in a couple of years...

it´s been a while... pt.2

And i´ve been drawing tattoos. Flash if you will, i prefer calling them studies.

it´s been a while... pt.1

I´ve been a little busy lately, with a lot of things, and keeping up this blog wasn´t one of those things. Now i have to make up for the time lost.

Here´s a few things i´ve been doing. I´ve been drawing, getting my demons out.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

One more blog to keep an eye on...

This is our shop's blog, where you can see and read about the life and times of the Bunkertattoo crew. Tattoos and bullshit.